The End of PT Neotek Maju Mandiri

I made an important decision yesterday, that is closing down PT Neotek Maju Mandiri, the publisher of Neotek magazine. To disappoinment of some, Neotek 07-01 will be the latest Neotek (print) magazine published.

However, I will still continue with the effort of online magazine, which will be published without any connection (and hence confusion) with the older Neotek print magazine. Materials on preparation for Neotek 07-02 will then be published as Indonesian (and print) version of by Graha Ilmu Publisher.

The most important person to contact about this is main partner in Bandung, who has no objection and he’s looking forward to work even closer with me in other fields. I have made appointment to visit him in Bandung next July while I will be having vacation with my whole family.

The other important person to contact is my finance manager who will arrange details of closing down of the company by first preparing final financial statement, list all liabilities to third party (in which I have promised my main partner in Bandung to be settled from my personal account), and contacting all the minority shareholders and stakeholders.

Anyway, I’m proud to be part of a short but buzzling hacking and security culture in Indonesia, especially on the years 2002 to 2003, by when Neotek is the ‘must read’ magazine by all the hacker wannabes.

To keep the memory alive, I will keep PDF files of old Neotek print magazine for free download on a special server based in Singapore. I haven’t decided whether to keep the domain name Anyway it’s not really a big issue since I have created domain name under my personal account.

It’s a sad but neccessary move. The new electronic era leaves only little space for print computer magazines. Neotek have to cease following the same fate of PCPlus or KomputerAktif and other.

Goodbye Neotek, you have been an important part of my life and also lifes of others involved.


12 Responses to The End of PT Neotek Maju Mandiri

  1. imcw says:

    sayang sekali neotek harus mengalami nasib seperti ini…gimana dengan ody dan redaksi yang lain pak kos?…
    beberapa bulan lalu, jagat komputer tanah air sudah kehilangan pcmag, lalu komputeraktif sekarang neotek…:(

  2. Ody sekarang bekerja dengan Michael Sunggiardi dan kelihatannya sudah cukup sibuk sekarang. Gianto Widianto punya usaha percetakan digital sendiri. Yang lainnya sejak awal memang merangkap di PT eSolusi Pirantikita Esa ( yang masih aktif.

  3. fuzk3_kendi says:

    Sad to hear this news, when met yocki this noon….when attending Panhac final competition in Jakarta….
    duh pak Kos, saya sgt missed momment2 neotek ngumpul, roadshow dan seminar….neotek will not be forgotten coz i born within it….

  4. Ronald says:

    this is a truly sad fact that i just heard from one of my friend at neotek..

    Since i was in the neotek community,I’v met new friends who taught me new things, and upgrade my skill 😉 , though i wasnt be able to contribute to the community.

    Neoteker,the community who was build based on Neotek magazine..

    i’m very proud to be part of “Neoteker” community.. Neotek has given me lots of memorable things..

    again.. Such a sad fact.. but neccessary like om Kos said.. 😦

    i give my salute for Om kos for his contributes on educating Indonesian people bout hacking not juz cracking.

    Keep the spirit of neoteker.. 😉

    Ps; sorry for any of my english is bad :P, remember me Om Kos ? 🙂

  5. I am schocked when I found your blog and I read this post. It is very very hard for me to read this. I am just one of those who cry down in sadness.

    There are so many things to remember, and you, Mr Kos, have already taught me a lot. I am so sorry if I could not meet your expectation.

    Yes, I am so proud to be part of this big bang security issue. I am very proud to be a neoteker.

  6. Neotek will keep its website for archiving purpose. There is also preliminary idea to keep publishing Neotek (online only) as a community magazine (maybe using WordPress). Anybody welcome to revive the magazine in a new form which is more suitable with the digital era.

  7. b214oy says:

    sayang sekali pa kos..padahal saya suka sama neotek
    dengan artikel yg gokil abissss…

  8. rafeequl says:

    Sayang sekali pak… Tapi yakin deh pasti ada sesuatu yang lebih baik lagi dari pada Neotek Print Magz di kemudian hari.

  9. sayang banget lho pak, but hope you get better than neotek

  10. jus4ask says:

    pak mo nanya ne (want to ask :D)

    ntu versi digitaal dari neotek bisa di ambil di mana ya pak? maksud nya yang lengkap dari edisi perdana mpe edisi terakhir 07-01 ntu pak
    kira2 wa bisa download di mana ntu pak kos?

    ne majalah mantap ne, wa dari buka inet cuman buat porn site, jadi banyak blajar sama majalah ini, klu internet not porn doank 😀

    minta link dunlud yg lengkap dunk pak kos,

    cedih juga ne neotek ilang dari peredaran 😦

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